Music Smithers

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Colin Maskell

Saxaphone | Clarinet | Flute

Lets be real…music is really cool.  It’s really fun.  It will make you smarter, allowing your brain to gain structure, challenge existing structure, build neorons and make connections… whatever! Its fantastic!

I teach from a jazz perspective.  I went to school at Capilano University for Jazz Studies and got my Bachelor of Education in Music at U.B.C.. I have taught privately for about 20 years and in the New Westminster Music Department for 5 years.  I love it.  I love making music and sharing what I have learnt and then learning from my students new ways to approach learning and the ideas that come up.  I have travelled around the world including New York, New Orleans, Nepal, India, England, Scotland, Africa, and of course all over Canada with an ear to the sounds and experiences that permeate the social landscapes. I’m always amazed at how universal music is and how great it is to get involved in a culture through it.

I am available for clinics, stage bands, concert bands, small groups, and private lessons.  Whether you are a beginning player, want to dust off your old horn, get ready for university, go deep with crazy sounds, explore improvisation and/or advanced theory, or just have a little fun learning while you go, give me a call!