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Driftwood Schoolhouse

The Driftwood Schoolhouse was built in 1944 to replace the original Driftwood School log building that was constructed in 1920 and destroyed by a fire. The schoolhouse served the surrounding area of Driftwood and to a smaller extent Glentanna with an annual enrollment ranging from 12 to 26 pupils in grades one through eight. The school closed in 1965 and was eventually sold to the Glenwood Hall Committee in1989 for $5000. The Driftwood School Restoration Committee was established in 1990 in response to the suggestion that the school be torn down due to its poor condition. Through the committee and endless support from the surrounding community, the Driftwood School has remained open, hosting numerous community events over the years.


The Driftwood School has a flat rate of $75 per day, accommodates 50 people and provides:

4 (8ft x 30 inches) plywood tables and 65 folding chairs

toilet paper for the outhouse

wood for the stove in the school – the fire is your responsibility

broom and mop with bucket

NOTE: The Driftwood School does not have indoor plumbing or water!