Music Smithers

Music A-Chording to Smithers...


Valley Youth Fiddlers

Traditional Fiddle


Della Herman Theatre

Large | Indoor | Stage | Capacity 300


Lawn Chair Lounge

Friday nights July through August | Bovill Square


Jon Bjorgan

Acoustic Guitar | Trumpet | Cornet

The one word that comes to mind is just how encouraging it’s been. Robb and I have been singing and writing songs together since the time we met, but doing that is Smithers has been such an exceptional experience. Everyone is so excited and so encouraging when someone takes the time to create or to learn. I don’t actually think I’ve ever been to a coffee house or open mic when I haven’t seen someone else on the [receiving] end of that [support]. It’s incredible and the general message from the audience is always, “Keep going, keep going!”

Michelle Nisbet, Backroads Home